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The incoming bank transfer service is available to all our clients. To receive a transfer to your account, the sender will need the information requested by us.


Safe deposit box rental is available for a nominal annual fee at all locations. A rented box allows you to conveniently and securely store documents and valuables away from your home.

sometimes you need a faster and more efficient way to manage finances.

We understand local businesses because we are one of us. That is why we share your need to succeed in this part of the world. The banking products we offer help you get the most out of your business. Offering checking accounts, loans and services that work as hard as you do.

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We offer many different products and competitive rates to help you achieve the financial security and peace of mind you seek. Whether you are looking to build or protect your wealth, call us for details on these and other investments.

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Payment Systems
A well-structured payment and settlement system promotes the efficient use of resources and contributes to the integration of financial markets. The Bank of Malta operates a payment system, known as SWIFT TRANSFER & BANCANET.

The Bank of Malta also oversees and regulates the operation of, and the participation in, both domestic and cross-border payment and securities settlement systems. Approval must first be authorized by the Bank before new payment and securities settlement systems can operate. Furthermore, the Bank may also issue directives in respect of payment and securities settlement systems, cross-border credit transfer services and electronic payment services.
Retail payment systems and services

Retail payments, including consumer and corporate payments, account for the bulk of payments in the economy. Within this landscape, the Bank is responsible for the coordination of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) project, a self-regulatory initiative spearheaded by European commercial banks. The Bank has also been involved in the domestic introduction of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), a set standard for bank account numbers that uniquely identify a customer’s bank account anywhere in the world.  

The Bank of Malta can also authorize the establishment of a bank clearing system and provides facilities for that system. The Bank is a member of the Malta Clearing House, also composed of a further nine credit institutions and two financial institutions.

Regulation and Oversight

Article 34 of the Central Bank of Malta Act establishes the role of The Bank of Malta as a regulator and overseer of domestic payment systems. Payment systems include international and retail systems, as well as clearing, settlement, securities clearing, securities settlement, netting, Claims and similar systems. The Bank is also the regulator of payment services and payment instruments. Together with the ESCB, The Bank of Malta is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of payment systems thought the world. 

Regulatory Compliance

The development and establishment of a regulatory compliance system is one of the most important tasks for a bank in order to secure the soundness and appropriateness of its business. The scope of regulatory compliance, both at local and Internationally level, has dramatically increased and continues to expand. Regulatory penalties have also increased over time and tighter scrutiny is being applied across the banking sector. 

Securities Settlement Systems

As part of the International System, The Bank of Malta is involved in the design and implementation of the INTERNATIONAL BANCANET (T2S) project. 

About Us

Banco de Malta. We strongly believe in providing high quality, problem-solving, and result-oriented services to individuals and businesses, and that serves in adding value to our clients’ business growth and development. We work with our clients to understand their objectives, resolve current issues and proactively anticipate and prevent future problems while managing their expectations.

We are committed to delivering ethically sound and strategic advice in an efficient, compliant and cost-effective manner. At the Bank of Malta we, therefore value Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork which together form the foundations of our practice.

Many Offshore Bank Accounts Are Much Safer

Offshore Banking Increases Your Asset Protection

An Offshore Bank could even pay you higher interest rates than US banks

Few people ever give much thought to the safety and security of their bank!


Yes we do: Most of our clients are non-residents. We have clients in more than 100 countries. . 

Yes! There are no restrictions when it comes to closing an account in Bank of Malta. You are free to close your account if you wish. The procedure is immediate and cost-free. Of course, if your money is invested, it generally takes a day or two to liquidate positions, but even so, no one will prevent you from withdrawing your funds or charge you a financial penalty.  

No ! banks are what they are (secure and private) because they are companies internationally. A foreign branch of a bank would be a local bank owned by the bank. This local bank would not be different from any of the banks you have been dealing with in your country. It would not be bound by bank secrecy laws but rather by the laws of the country where it is. 

No! You need to be 18 year old to open the account. We understand that you may be below 18 and already have an independent financial life, but unfortunately by law banks cannot open accounts for non-residents below 18. The only solution we can offer is to begin the procedure shortly before you turn 18 and open the account on your birthday.  

It depends on the type of account you may desire or if is a settlement or claims procedure account type. Is there a deposits insurance in Bank of Malta? There’s no government deposit insurance in our system. But your deposits are probably safer in our bank than in most other banks in there.  

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